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Brushing Your Teeth Before Sleeping PhotoOne of several good attitudes that usually we forgot is to brush our teeth before sleeping. Even though brushing our teeth is a simple work to do, but many people usually forgot to brush their teeth before going to bed. Brushing our teeth before going to bed has a great effect for the future of our teeth. Based on many research, the bacteria that live in our mouth usually doubled in the night when we are sleeping.  This condition will be worst if we don’t clean or brush our teeth before us going to sleep.

The bacteria that live inside our mouth will make our teeth to broken  and sometimes full of hole that will be very annoying when we eating some foods. This condition also worst with the fact that when we adult, our teeth can’t grow up again as we still youth or being a child. Because of this condition, when our teeth are already broken, we can only repair our teeth using fake teeth that have a different durability from the real teeth. The broken teeth also will make our performance become worst.

Brushing our teeth before we go to sleep is one best activity that can prevent our teeth from broken or having a lot of holes. Brushing your teeth before sleeping is a very easy activity to do. We just need to prepare toothbrush and toothpaste. The kind of toothbrush and toothpaste we use is depending on the kind of our tooth itself. After preparing toothbrush and toothpaste that suitable with our teeth, we can starting to brush our teeth. We can start to brush our front teeth first because the front teeth are the main teeth that we use to eat. After brushing the front teeth, we can brush the inside teeth using the same method as we brush the front teeth. This little action will decrease the bacteria rate that live inside our mouth. If we do these activities regularly, we can prevent our teeth from broken easily.

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  1. ansa Says:

    To prevent ourselves from certain bacteria that are present in our mouth we should brush daily before going to sleep

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