Oct 16

Say no to Junk Food!!! PhotoJunk food becomes familiar in the society. It is the kinds of franchise business for sale in many countries in the world. In fact, people addicted with it and consume it as often as they want without consider and think about the advantages and disadvantages for the customers.  Junk food is called by fast food. The concepts of fast food and junk food are almost same. They offer the fast service but also give disadvantages indirectly to the customers. In the junk food, there are many some of chemical and also dangerous ingredients inside the junk food. Although the taste is good enough, but it can guarantee that junk food is healthy food. If you are trying to be healthy life, the suggestions just do not eat junk food anymore. In this case, you can eat junk food but not as frequent as usual.

For example you usually eat junk food more than 4 (four) times in a week. But today, for the healthy life you must change your eating habits especially junk food becomes twice in a month. You can’t leave it instantly, so you try to reduce the frequency of eating junk food first. Beside that junk food consist of the high cholesterol and also the fat. It can make fat and make your diet failed for everyone who are in diet program. So you must avoid the passion of eating junk food. The effect of eating junk food is not occur in present day, but also it will appear in the next time, such as next two years and so on. In short, your body accumulates the poison and disease potential risk inside your body. That’s why junk food can give the indirect disadvantages for the body. For the healthy life, you must arrange your food which you consume in daily life.

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