Apr 24

Potato Reduce Weight PhotoVarious snacks of potato like fried fries, boiled potato, and other are always delicious and healthy. It is source of energy and calorie. But, it does not mean that potato can cause fat in body. In contrast, potato can help us to reduce the weight. The glucose mass in potato are less than rice. So, it is safe to consume for everyone who has diabetes.

Reducing the weight is not only related with reducing the particular food portion or even stopping it but also reducing the calories that go into the body. There is no fact said that potato can increase the fat mass in body and also cause overweight if we can produce it well. Fortunately, it can help your diet. Some researchers have test for 86 people, female and male, who have obesity problem. Less than 12 weeks, they are checked by carbohydrate effect index toward glucose mass in blood after they have diet by consuming potato. They are consuming 5 to 7 portion of potato each week. The results of researchers find that reducing of weight is high. Potatoes which they consumed are medium potato with the calorie composition less than 110 calorie per potato.

Calium content in one of potato is about 620 gram much than banana, and it can supply almost half of vitamin C mass which body needed in a day (45%). Potatoes do not consist of  sodium and also it is free from cholesterol in one condition that you should produce or cook it in appropriate ways like boiled or toasted. So, you can enjoy potato not only as vegetables but also food that has lots of benefits for body.

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