Apr 14

Tips To Make Slim PhotoEveryone especially women want to be slim. Who doesn’t want to be slim? When someone wants to be slim, they will start with gym, diet till they take some medicines especially for slim. They just want to be beautiful and slim. But, you don’t worry about that because today there are some ways to make slim but you don’t need to have diet. Do you want to try the easy ways and of course healthy? These are some food which is good for diet without hunger but can still increase the metabolism till make you slim.

  • Eggs

Eggs have proteins to help us to give satiation longer than usual. Beside that, eggs also are good to prevent us from increased of blood-glucose rate.

  • Beans

Eating beans or nuts can help us in increasing hormone which presses appetite naturally. It is proved that nuts or beans also can keep the balance of glucose in blood. So, it can give the satiation for longer time.

  • Salad

Salad is good to control the amount of calorie which gets in body. One big portion of salad completed with mayonnaise, can give you vitamin C, E, folat acid, lycopene, and carotenoid in much more totals.

  • Soup

Eating a bowl of chicken soup is as well as eats a chicken. Eating soup also can give the longer time of satiation.

  • Pear

Pear consists of pectin fibers which have function to decrease the glucose in blood. After that, it also can be healthy snacks that give satiation. Then, your desire in having snacks time will be less automatically.

  • Green Tea

Anti-oxidant which is consisted in tea can help us in increasing the metabolism and burn the fat. It can also decrease the bad cholesterol in our body.

  • Beef without fat

Who will say that beef can destroy your diet? The leusin amino acid in the meat, beef, fish and some milk products can help to quicken the calorie burning and also keep the muscle healthy on.

  • Olive Oil

Olive oil is very suitable for the adult because it can help to burn the calorie in our body, too.

  • Cinnamon

To decrease the hunger in the evening, you can spread out the cinnamon in your pudding or porridge. Some researchers said that little of cinnamon can control the percentage of insulin after we have meals so we won’t be hunger quickly.

  • Nuts

Some people argue that eating nuts will make us fat. But, research found out that someone who eats nuts has slim body than someone who does not eat nuts. Some specific types of nuts have omega-3 acid which is important for our body. So, you have known about the tips to make the slim body. Now, it is your turn to try the tips and prove it by yourselves.

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