May 22

Before we eat, it’s much recommended to washing our hand. This is mainly because we never know any kinds of bacteria that have been living in our hand when we do our activity before. Eating as one of human activity that entering any kinds of food into our body is one of many activity that have a high risk to make many bacteria also enter our body through foods that we eat. The bacteria as one of creatures that can be seen through bare eyes, should using microscope to see bacteria, is one creature that can make a lot of illness kinds that we never expected before. Because of this condition we should wash our hand before eating to kill bacteria that living in our hands to prevent ourselves from any kind of illnesses that we never wanted before.

Washing Hand Before Eating PhotoTo washing perfectly our hands, we have to use the right soap also. We have to wash our hand using water first to make our hands wet and easy to use the soap. After all of our hand side already wet, we can use the soap to clean our hands from any kind of bacteria. Soap is one of important thing when we want to clean our hand while we washing hand. It’s mainly because soap has the killer of bacteria in our hands. Because of this, soap becomes one of important things when we washing hand. After we clean our hand using the soap, we should clean the soap trace in our hand. It’s because if we don’t clear the soap trace in our hand, it will make our foods have a very strange taste or sometimes have a taste of soap that we use for cleaning or washing our hands.

After all the steps have been do well, we can easily eat our foods without afraid of any bacteria that wanted to enter our body through foods.

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